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Re: [FW-1] DHCP issue with checkpoint


You didn't mension anything about drops or accepts on the logs of the
firewall so i'll try and guess your problem here.

ASF is not a platform that i know by the way...

I'm guessing you see accepts in the logs of your firewall
bootpc and bootps are the basic services to DHCP

bootpc is UDP/68 wich is used by the server on replys to the client
bootps is UDP/67 wich is used by the client when he broadcasts a request
(Not sure, but it can be the other way around)
Anyways you need this two ones at least.

Another thing, and this as got nothing to do with CP
Your gateway must have a bootp_relay agent or must support this, if not
you will not be able to relay the requests from one interface to
In other words with bootp_relay agent you will route any dhcp requests
to a server inside your firewall.

The best way is to setup a gateway first without thinking about
Firewalling, and put bootp_relay to work...then you think about

This is just a guess, anyway, if you allready have bootp_relay and
tested it before and worked, then i'm sorry for the inconveniance.

hope i could be of any help anyways,


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>Subject: [FW-1] DHCP issue with checkpoint
>Dear frds,
>During my lab setup i am having the prob which i am unable to
>I have a DHCP client on Router (Cisco product) and DHCP server (Cisco
>Product).I am keeping DHCP client outside the firwall while
>DHCP server is
>inside the firewall.The rule base is any nay any allports allow.I have
>created all ports group which contains all the services. DHCP
>server client
>uses follwoing ports.
>Time of day, bootp,tftp.
>I have seen and confirmed twice that above ports are included
>in the service
>group. I am still not able to establish the communication between DHCP
>client and the DHCP server across the firewall. I can confirm that when
>modem comes online right now modems are stuck in the initd mode.
>PLease let me know if u have any solution.
>I am using ASF 5105 FP3.
>Note I am configuring DHCP server address in the IP helper.
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